Searching for Service Records on the WW2 Nominal Roll

Nominal Roll website

On this Nominal Roll site you can search by Name, Service Number, Honours, or Place (of birth, locality of residence, enlistment) to see a summary of a person's service record. Once found it is possible to print out a copy.

If the name is known, but not the service number, then click on the Name tab, select Army and then enter as much detail as possible. The more detail, the fewer results.

If the Service Number is known then this will give the details immediately. From this summary a certificate can be printed.

Searching for Service Records on the National Archives Website

On this site you can access detailed service records by viewing online (if available) or purchasing a soft copy of the records.
* If you do not know the Service Number then look it up on the Battalion Rolls or look on the Nominal Roll site in the section above.

[Note: not all World War II records have been digitised, so all records of service personnel are not available online. If they are not listed as digitised then it is necessary to purchase the record]

Using the Name Search Option

Click on the Name Search tab to bring up the search page.
1. Enter Family name in the top box
2. Enter Given names
3. Select World War II from the Categoryof records drop-down list
4. Enter the Service number (eg VX00000)
5. Click Search
If all the details are correct there should only be one person listed. Click Display.
[If more than one name is displayed, tick the box to left of the required name and then click on View selection at the foot of the page, then double click on the record]
The search result should show a row headed Title containing the Family name, First names, Service Number, Place of Birth, Place of Enlistment and Next of Kin.
In the blue bar above Title and headed Item details for: there may be one or two links on the right-hand side - PDF/ View digital copy or Request copy.
If PDF and View digital copy are visible then click on PDF to download and save the Service record; or View to see the full, available records on the website.
If Request copy is the only link this means that the record has not been digitised and must be purchased to see or download the record.

To purchase a Digital Copy

[price at 25 April 2019 was $36.27 inc. GST]
1. Click on Request a copy
2. Read instructions and click on Continue
3. Click on Living or Deceased, then click on Continue
4. Check the details and click on Proceed to Checkout
5. Click on No and continue to checkout. (unless you will be using the site to purchase more records)
6. Enter details for the fields marked with red asterisk (*). If the billing address is the same as already entered check the box and scroll down to Proceed to payment details.
7. If paying by credit card select Visa or Mastercard, then enter details, and click Place Order
If paying by cheque click on Payment by invoice