List of battalion members who were POWs

This list is gathered to the best of our knowledge. If you have any modifications or corrections then please get in contact via our contact page with us.

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Surname GivenName ServiceNumber Date helper
ANDERSON T H VX34767 May-41
BARWOOD W Mc VX47204 May-41
BATES W VX44349 May-41
BEATTIE W G VX34316 May-41
BECK J C VX34594 May-41
BENNETT A G VX33895 May-41
BERGMANN A VX28832 May-41
BIRD A C B VX47496 May-41
BLAIN H R VX46586 May-41
BLAKELY G E VX27394 May-41
BRACKEN E VX47713 May-41
BREAK E VX43313 May-41
BREEN J C VX34842 May-41
BRENCHLEY G B VX37331 May-41
BRIDGMAN J J VX47808 May-41
BRIEN W R VX34281 May-41
BROOK D A VX18546 May-41
BROWN G VX45592 May-41
BROWN J R VX42781 Jul-42
BRYAN W E VX32876 May-41
BRYANT R B VX34058 May-41
BURTON G E VX31992 Jul-42
BURVILLE B V VX28833 May-41
BUSE G VX34448 May-41
BUTLER L E VX44540 May-41
CAMERON K D VX28567 May-41
CAMPBELL R VX46352 May-41
CANTY L G VX48356 May-41
CHAFFEY J VX34781 May-41
CHAPLIN A T VX45215 May-41
CHATTERS W C VX34051 May-41
CLARK R J J VX47820 May-41
CLARKE C H VX58427 Jul-42
CLOSE M D VX38761 May-41
CODY B VX35181 May-41
COLLYER N J VX46680 May-41
COMB G G VX28740 May-41
CONNOLLY W T VX23792 May-41
COOK W C VX34748 May-41
COOK W C VX32872 May-41
COOPER A J VX3May- May-41
COUSINS W H E VX47815 May-41
CRELLIN R J VX48078 May-41
CROFTS E VX45375 May-41
CUDDY H G VX25982 May-41
CULLEN F VX32873 May-41
CURR F VX33876 May-41
DAILEY A J VX33770 May-41
DALTON M J VX34722 May-41
DALTON R J VX37705 May-41
DAPHNE W G VX51403 Jul-42
DARE G K VX38610 May-41
DAVIES J VX32551 May-41
DEAN J W VX28613 May-41
DEERING R T VX28869 May-41
DICKSON R V VX44219 May-41
DICKSON H B VX28664 May-41
DICKSON S B VX28669 May-41
DODDS W H VX34868 May-41
DORAN A VX34859 May-41
DUNLOP R VX28370 May-41
EDWARDS E K VX31279 May-41
EDWARDS T G VX52772 Jul-42
FALLON C T VX48395 May-41
FELL L A VX47818 May-41
FENWICK J A VXMay-4 May-41
FERGUSON P VX44537 May-41
FORDE N J VX48362 May-41
FRANCIS A A VX28862 May-41
FRASER C K VX34270 May-41
FRASER R R VX34818 May-41
FRY A H VX31573 May-41
GARVEY E W VX34951 May-41
GEE H R VX33247 May-41
GERECKE A E VX57966 May-41
GILES J T VX47985 May-41
GITSHAM H J VX35187 May-41
GOODEAR R W VX35212 May-41
GOODWIN K VX48511 May-41
GRAHAM N L VX28511 May-41
GRANTHAM E L VX34580 May-41
GRAY R J VX46535 May-41
GREENOUGH H C VX40369 May-41
GRIFFITHS E A VX33980 May-41
HALL J H VX42016 May-41
HAMPSON A W VX33033 May-41
HANCOCK I MCC VX28538 May-41
HANSEN L D VX43349 May-41
HANSON A VX4May- May-41
HARRIS R H VXMay-4 Jul-42
HARRISON W VX34554 May-41
HAWKE R B VX48551 May-41
HAYES E A VX34562 May-41
HEMPHILL A I VX33146 May-41
HENMAN A G VX47078 May-41
HEWITT C W VX28356 May-41
HIGGS E J VX31158 May-41
HOCKING T R VX24944 May-41
HORMAN C G VX46543 May-41
HORSLEY L VX31838 May-41
HOWARD E VX34365 May-41
HUGHES J L VX34505 May-41
HUMPHRIES W QX16749 May-41
HUTCHISON R VX48275 May-41
HYDE W VX34829 May-41
HYNES J VX46380 May-41
IRVINE V A VX34935 1/04/19May-41
JACKSON R N VX27886 May-41
JAMES H L VX35245 May-41
JAMES H C VX24930 May-41
JARROTT A F VX42317 May-41
JEFFERSON K K VX23887 May-41
JENKS R V VX34381 May-41
JOHNSON JAW VX34438 May-41
JOHNSTON J VX30897 Jul-42
JONES CD VX46864 May-41
JONES L A VX32717 May-41
JONES K S VX29657 May-41
JONES B J VX37427 May-41
JUDD M C VX34889 May-41
JUDD J E VX47799 May-41
KARNATZ T A VX48290 May-41
KEATING T J VX33543 May-41
KELLY T V VX24476 May-41
KELLY M J VX48564 May-41
KENNEDY N B VX33859 May-41
KENNEDY T J VX34244 May-41
KING N F VX34642 May-41
KLEINITZ A 0 VX29149 May-41
KNIGHT J S VX33899 May-41
KNIGHT M A VX34393 May-41
KNIGHT I W VX34773 May-41
KNIGHT E McC VX34777 May-41
KNIGHT C C VX47484 May-41
KNIGHTS A R VX22440 May-41
LAITY J G VX57309 Jul-42
LAMONT R C VX32578 May-41
LAWRENCE D L VX34691 May-41
LAWRENCE J R K VX30924 May-41
LEACH R VX34359 May-41
LOCKERBIE D VX35170 May-41
LONG C C VX32539 May-41
LUXFORD R S VX17367 May-41
MACRAE R VX31673 May-41
MADDERN J G VX33100 May-41
MAGUIRE L P VX34016 May-41
MAIR J L VX38646 May-41
MARTIN C A VX53646 Jul-42
MATHER R R VX48689 May-41
MATULICK E M VX32571 May-41
May-May-41DOM S A VX46832 May-41
MCCLUCKIE A H VX34696 May-41
MCCONNELL L J VX35148 May-41
MCCRACKEN J C VX45756 Jul-42
MCDONALD L J VX48796 May-41
MCDOUGAL F B VX48651 May-41
MCEWAN R H VX51782 Jul-42
MCGAVIN L I VX35662 Oct-42
MCGREGOR W J VX34715 May-41
MCINTOSH A J VX30342 May-41
MCKEAN C VX33051 May-41
MCKILLOP W J VX32810 May-41
MCLARTY R J VX34498 May-41
MCLAY A R VX33507 May-41
MCLEISH R VX34247 May-41
MCMAHON B E VX34716 May-41
MCMAHON J VX32530 May-41
MEIGHAN R D VX48550 May-41
MILLER A S VX33540 May-41
MILLER A J VX28639 Jul-42
MILLER D A VX4May- May-41
MILWARD D H VX26194 May-41
MITCHELL W H VX30186 May-41
MOONEY K J VX29161 May-41
MOONEY S H VX25236 May-41
MULLINS L J VX32612 May-41
MULLINS J A VX30876 May-41
MULQUEEN W A VX33934 May-41
MURLEY A W VX28358 May-41
NEAL R J L VX48649 May-41
NICHOLSON A J V VX31699 May-41
NOBLE A VX3898? May-41
NORTON T A VX32569 May-41
NOY W G VX34496 May-41
NURTHEN J A VX47445 May-41
0'BOYLE R H TX2968 Jul-42
0'DONNELL P VX32499 May-41
O'RAFFERTY P J VX34508 May-41
0'RAFFERTY G T VX30023 May-41
ORAM E VX42334 May-41
PAIGE F T VX34869 May-41
PARKER W A VX33706 May-41
PARKER JAW VX33842 May-41
PARKER J H VX33048 May-41
PEEBLES S E VX31755 May-41
PERCY R P VX35243 May-41
PERRY G B VX46783 May-41
PHIPPS G C VX29683 May-41
POIDEVIN G G VX29686 May-41
POPE M J VX33372 May-41
PRICE E J VX34790 May-41
PROSSER R E J VX34319 May-41
RADFORD A E J VX46971 May-41
RADNELL D J VX34693 May-41
RHODES G J VX33373 May-41
RHODES F VX32529 May-41
RICKARD G H VX34902 May-41
RITCHIE E VX28429 May-41
ROBERTSON D VX31502 May-41
RODGERS R A VX46816 May-41
RUDDELL H J VX32857 May-41
RUMBLE M VX33638 May-41
RUSSELL J A VX34974 May-41
RUSSELL J W VX31514 May-41
SAVILLE F P VX34912 May-41
SAVORY F A VX33392 May-41
SCALES R VX32469 May-41
SEDGMAN N F VX48359 May-41
SHERIDAN R C VX34990 May-41
SIBBIN A J VX24864 May-41
SIMMONDS H G VX44556 May-41
SIMMONS J P VX29525 May-41
SIMMONS M L VX35945 May-41
SIMPSON F VX33210 May-41
SINCOCK W H B VX26596 May-41
SINCOCK H J VX48171 May-41
SINCOCK E A VX48180 May-41
SKANE L G VX34734 May-41
SLOAN W VX31446 May-41
SMART T A VX33171 May-41
SMITH W T VX32333 May-41
SMITH B D VX33912 May-41
SMITH C J VX34537 May-41
SMITH F F VX33297 May-41
SQUIRES W VX34730 May-41
SQUIRES R H C VX32475 May-41
STEELE D C VX28787 May-41
STEPHENS C F VX33491 May-41
STEVENS J J VX32402 May-41
STEWART C VX23460 May-41
STOCK S R VX35182 May-41
STREADE O T VX48378 May-41
STREET F VX34574 May-41
STROUD C VX32038 May-41
SUMMERS K G VX29080 May-41
SWAIN W D VX32014 May-41
TABRAM F J VX46243 May-41
TAYLOR J VX34483 May-41
TAYLOR R H VX25756 Jul-42
THOMAS A J VX48390 May-41
THURLING W E VX29495 May-41
TOMKINS J H VX46073 May-41
TUNKS L VX34970 May-41
TWIGG C 0 VX33938 May-41
UNDERWOOD R E VX34643 May-41
WADE R VX30736 May-41
WALKER L C VX48625 May-41
WALPOLE E VX32523 May-41
WALSH T G VX30977 May-41
WALSH W H VX34243 May-41
WARD A VX52260 Jul-42
WARWICK A L VX38553 May-41
WEBB G D VX32483 May-41
WEBSTER F G VX23990 May-41
WHYTE I N VX37683 May-41
WILKE G VX32909 May-41
WILLIAMS A VX15912 May-41
WILSON J VX35149 May-41
WILSON J F VX21653 May-41
WILSON R L (B VX34368 May-41
WILSON R E T VX24892 May-41
WINDSOR A C VX48470 May-41
WOLTER L VX34944 May-41
WOODHOUSE C VX40852 May-41
WOODYARD G R VX34421 May-41
WYCHERLY G R VX2$988 May-41
YOUNG J P VX34517 May-41